Jan 12

George Lucas is such a LIAR!!

It has NOTHING to do with the all black cast. Hollywood did not want to make the movie because we all saw “Phantom Menace”. If I had to choose between blacks and Jar-Jar Binks? Well, it’s a tie. Maybe not. I will take Jar-Jar.

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Jan 09

“If Frederick (the slave) got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?”

Black kids were asked the questions:

1)  ”Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?” 

2)  ”If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?”

I wonder if he got the right answer from the Asian kid sitting next to him.

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Bungee chord fails with tourist in Africa

Its sucks for her, but I wouldn’t trust anyone but a southern, red neck, hillbilly, bible toting, gay hating, confederate flag waving, real american to tie a rope properly. This was in Africa. Can they do anything right!!!


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Actress suing IMDB for revealing her age

Her Americanized name is Junie Hoang. Alleges she will lose work because we all now know she is 40 years old. You would have gotten more work if you still looked Asian. When I see a name like ‘Hoang’ I don’t want to see your nose job, eye lid job, chin job and plumped lips. That outfit is is just screaming ‘happy ending’.


Congratulations on the birth of your child - Blue Ivy Carter

Jay Z and Beyonce. The parents?

At least the kids name is not Monayshialeefaf Gucci Carter. More money usually means less syllables in a name. Isn’t that right Jon, Amy, Josh, Kim, Beth, Jane, Kate, Dan, Mitt, Newt, Ron, Rick, Bill, Jeff, ….. and the list goes on.

Racialist or not?

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Nov 07

Cains 4th accuser is a Blonde. It’s officially over.

He would still have a chance with any other ethnic group or hair color.

Brunette: Serious woman who probably needs the attention. Probaby hasn’t been laid since the Bush Administration. George H.W. Bush, that is.

Redhead: No one would believe, cause no man wants to deal with that kind of crazy. You know they are.

Asian: She was probably giving him a massage and ‘it’ moved. Ask George Costanza.

Hispanic: Well, it depends. Spain: that’s a brunette with a sexy accent. Columbia/Mexico: he was conducting a cavity search for the DEA. Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, The Bronx or Corona Queens: they were asking for it.

Indian: Nah. Just wouldn’t happen. Exception being Padma Lakshmi.

Black: She wouldn’t report it. Good Black men are hard to find and she would be happy to share. He has a job, not in jail, not doped up, drives a nice car, on TV, free pizza for life or until the kid turns 18 or until Maury says….(you know the rest).

PS. No other hair colors or ethnic groups were worth mentioning.

Racialist or Not?

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Nov 02


Nov 01

Our blacks are so much better than their blacks. -

Conservatives have made progress. This is better than 50 years ago when NONE of the blacks were any good. 

It’s better than “A good negro is a dead negro”. Just saying.

Racialist or not?

Estranged father of teen singer Charice of ‘Glee’ stabbed to death

Wow. It’s NOT the black girls dad. Curve ball. Looks like the blacks and Phillipinos have more than singing in common.

Racialist or not?

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